Audit and Review

Small to medium sized companies may be required by their board to have an audit;  you may have a partner that is a publicly held company that requires you to have outside auditors examine your books; or, a bank or other financial institution may require you have a review of your financial statements in order to obtain a loan.  These assurance services are the highest level of engagement we provide, and they require us to work closely with firm owners and accounting staff to obtain all relevant financial and operational information.  We work closely with you to ensure all standards are followed and that your financial statements are presented according to those standards.


Compilations  may be the solution for closely held companies that want the assurance their financial information is appropriate in form and free from obvious errors, but don't have the budget or need to engage us for the in-depth precedures of an audit or review.  While limited in scope, a compilation gives you the assurance that an outside professional has applied appropriate standards and procedures necessary for a small business to have confidence in their financial statements.

Consulting Auditor

Often, a small-to-mid-sized CPA firm will have a request for audit and assurance services from an existing client.  These firms are often specialists in tax or consulting services, but do not have the staff or expertise required to perform the detailed procedures necessary to complete these engagements according to professional standards.  You don't want to turn away your client, but you also don't have the resources to hire someone for what might be a one-time or occasional project.  We provide our services on a consulting basis, according to your schedule, so you can say "Yes, I can do that"! when these projects inevitably come up.

Industries Served

Our focus is on small to medium sized companies.   Our industry specialties include but are not limited to:

Credit Unions

Home Owner's Associations





Farm Cooperatives